The Buncis Angklung

Angklung Buncis

The Buncis Angklung is a performing art that is entertainment to be found in Baros (Arjasari, Bandung). At first, The Buncis Angklung is used in agricultural events played by the parents while keeping the rice in the rice fields turning yellow. However in the present, The Buncis Angklung is used as an entertainment art. This […]

Discovering Santolo Beach, The Untouched Natural Beauty in West Java

Santolo Beach

Another beautiful undiscovered beach in the Southern of West Java is Santolo Beach. Located in the southern most of Garut district, about 88 km or 3.5 hour drive from Garut city.  If you are planning for an ideal vacation, then Santolo Beach is the best option you can choose. Warm beaches, blue water, magnificent natural […]

Mount Halimun National Park

The forests of the Mount Halimun are the largest tract of true rain forest now remaining on Java. The wide altitude range contributes to great habitat diversity. The area’s particular importance for wildlife protection was acknowledged on 26 February 1992, when Halimun National Park was established by Ministry of Forestry decree. Originally, most of the […]

Masjid Kubah Emas (Golden Dome Mosque) , Depok


Masjid Kubah Emas (Golden Dome Mosque )is conveniently located at the side of Jl. Raya Meruyung-Cinere, Limo sub-district, Depok. Masjid Kubah Mas is a popular name of Masjid Dian Al-Mahri, and it is probably one of the biggest and the most impressive mosques in the country, and in Southeast Asia. Uniquely, it was built by […]

Sintren, the traditional arts along the north coast community


Sintren, is one of the traditional arts along the north coast community, such as Cirebon, Indramayu and Kuningan. Sintren is a mystical dance that comes from Sulasih and Raden Sulandono love story. Sulandono is the son of Ki Baurekso of his marriage with Goddess Rantamsari. Raden Sulandono Sulasih love with a girl from the village […]

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