Masjid Kubah Emas (Golden Dome Mosque) , Depok


Masjid Kubah Emas (Golden Dome Mosque )is conveniently located at the side of Jl. Raya Meruyung-Cinere, Limo sub-district, Depok. Masjid Kubah Mas is a popular name of Masjid Dian Al-Mahri, and it is probably one of the biggest and the most impressive mosques in the country, and in Southeast Asia. Uniquely, it was built by Hj. Dian Djuriah Maimun Al Rasyid, a business woman who originally came from Banten. Love to the Almighty was probably among the motivations for spending such huge amount of money to build the spectacular mosque. While love is rarely blind, but love (and hatred) does shape the world.

Built on a plot of 80 hectares of land surrounded by fruit trees and a few other large, luxurious buildings. No expense seems to have been spared in the construction of the mosque: all the domes, pillars, and chandeliers have that golden touch, and many of the building materials were imported as well. Admission to the mosque is free, and people come from far and wide to see it. The mosque is well worth seeing, but do make sure to wear appropriate clothing that covers your legs and arms. Only worshipers may enter the actual mosque itself, but you can still get a good view of the mosque from outside, although you should still take care to keep off the well-tended lawns!

While the gate to the mosque is conveniently located at the side of Jl. Raya Meruyung-Cinere, Limo sub-district, Depok. The main dome that resembles the Taj Mahal’s, has a base diameter of 16 meters and middle diameter of 20 meters, with height of 25 meters. The dome was generously coated with 2-3 mm in thickness of solid mosaics gold.

The mosque has six 40-meters tall of minarets with hexagonal shapes, symbolizing the six articles of faith which are the main doctrines of Islam. The domes at the top of the minarets were also coated with 24 carats solid mosaic gold.

Decorations above the imam’s space, fences at the second floor and calligraphy works on the ceiling were all made from 18 carats gold.

The impressive crystal lamps, imported from Italy, is surrounded by high strong pillars that give a sense of grandeur to the mosque, and the ceiling of the dome was painted with bright blue sky and white clouds.

The crystal lamps, the ceiling of the main dome and its ornaments were beautifully captured by lying flat at the carpet exactly below the lamp, a favorite position. It probably needs a 10mm wide-angle lens to capture the whole circle, as mine was 14mm.

There are only another six mosques with gold coated domes in the world, i.e Sunehri Mosque in Lahore, Sultan Mosque in Singapore, Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque and Bandar Seri Begawan Mosque in Brunei, Al-Askari Mosque at Samara-Iraq, and Qubbah As-Sakhrah (Dome of the Rocks) in Jerusalem. Hence, it’s worth for the time to visit the mosque to appreciate the grandeur of love, in one of its forms.


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